Monday Jammies

If there is one thing I love most in this world, it's good fucking tunes. I recently had the pleasure of going to see Florence + The Machine with a friend of mine. I am a very frequent concert go-er so I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary. "Holy Shit" are the best words I can find to describe the experience. This was the first concert that actually drove me to tears. This wasn't just some pretty woman on stage with a couple of dancers and a catchy tune. This was passion and emotion that everyone has felt before but never articulated. This was a woman so comfortable in her own skin. This was... AMAZING. 

One song that stuck out to me particularly was Delilah. "I wrote this song in a hotel room in Miami.. where I lost my mind and my heart". I think we can all agree that we've been there before.

Enjoy! :)  

Are you there world? It's me, Hanna.


Hi Internet!

My name is Hanna Olman. I am from Miami Beach, Florida. I am 26 years old, just a few years older than this photo (Just kidding.)

I am interested in photography, design, interiors, music, food that I probably won't cook, and just "things" in general. 

I'd like to use this blog as a way to share those "things" that inspire me. Cheers!